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Holi that I will never forget

It has been ages since I played Holi. I am not a Holi person. Somehow I don’t like all the mess. But last year’s Holi was the most special one. I was in college and being on the ground floor of my dorm during Holi made me an easy target for the ‘Holi goons’. Although I was shying away initially, I was pulled out of my hiding. And within seconds I was all covered in various shades of pink, green, yellow, purple. But that experience was totally liberating.   Everyone was dancing and throwing colours. We were hugging each other and shouting “Happy Holi”. That was so much fun. We played colours for hours. Pulled people out from their rooms, and who tried to escape, we ambushed them and attacked them with colours and water balloons.   It was the last term of our college days and was the perfect opportunity to let loose without worrying about getting messy.   Among so many other things that I learned at IIMA, one was to step out of our comfort zones and embrace changes. And Holi was the perf

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